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About Us 

Since 1998, 1st-Air.Net has provided value added solutions relating to international business & first class travel for subscribers on six continents. As the airline industry continues to consolidate, we have refined our approach to maintain our position as the “GO TO” source for international premium cabin travel. When we started, wholesale fares, net fares and bulk fares were frequently used for business & first class travel at up to 70% savings. However, airline consolidation means fewer competitors. Net fares have been replaced by airline ticket auctions. You may not realize it, but when you search and purchase fares on any mainstream booking site you are participating in an auction. 1st-Air.Net helps travelers understand the drivers of their auction and secure their desired itinerary at or below fair market value.

 The most frequently asked question from a new subscriber is “What is YOUR fare for this itinerary?” You will notice the word YOUR is in bold and capitalized. A common misconception is that we can “magically” shave 50%-70% off current market pricing by waving a wand. For routes with competition, fare levels are ultimately determined by you and your peers. If a sufficient number of flyers buy in at current fare levels, prices can and do go up. If travelers don’t buy in, fare levels can contract. On certain routes, carriers can introduce non published contract fares to distribute unsold inventory.

Today, 1st-Air.Net not only enables premium cabin travelers the ability to search pricing options but also provides valuable pricing analysis before subscribers complete their purchase. Our analysis may determine that significantly lower fare levels can be expected at a later date. Conversely, if current pricing represents fair market value, subscribers may opt to “BUY IT NOW”.  As we have changed our approach, we ask our subscribers to grow with us. Your first question should no longer be “What is YOUR fare?”, but rather “Does this price represent fair market value?” As a subscriber, you can also upgrade your account with our friends at Passport Premiere for even greater savings by extending the purchase cycle.

We recognize that travelers have more search but fewer carrier options than ever before.  We’re here to help you make sense of it all, and obtain maximum value in securing your next international premium cabin trip.

Happy travels……………



1stAir.Net appointed J Wolf, CPA to oversee preparation of financial statements and tax documents for the corporation. J Wolf has served the corporation in this capacity since 2007. Mr. Wolf has worked in both public and private accountancy since 1983 working with both mid-sized wholesale companies as in private practice. For 1st-Air.Net, Mr. Wolf focuses on the big picture and works with management to ensure the corporation is achieving its objectives. Mr. Wolf is not involved in transactional accounting. Customers that have account related questions should direct them to the accounting department by e-mail at accounting@1st-air.net. Your identity will be validated based on the e-mail address we have on file for you. Finance and investment related inquires may be directed to Mr. Wolf by e-mail at wolf@1st-air.net or by mail to the corporate mailing address of the company.


Since 1999, 1stAir has partnered with Logisoft in developing web based solutions for the international premium class traveler. Logisoft has developed and serviced a number of web based applications for customers ranging from Fellowes office products to Montana Mills.

Business Development

The Office of the Chairman is responsible for identifying and qualifying membership candidates for the Chairman's Inner Circle and 1stAir Contracted Programs as corporate customers. This operation has field reps throughout the world as well as an administrative office at the company headquarters. Active international travelers whom are interested in the Chairman's special programs for cost reduction should contact the Chairman's Office directly in the U.S at 1(585)383-4470 X4338.

Strategic Alliance Opportunities.

You may also send your inquiry by e-mail to alliance@1st-air.net or visit the bottom ourMembers Resource Directory


Inquiries for partnership or alliance opportunities should be directed to the office of the President.