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Passport Premiere members are informed on the best countries for Around the World fare & ticket origination. Premiere members  receive intelligence, fulfillment services, as well as on-going support throughout their journeys. Contrary to popular belief, the leading airline alliances (i.e. One World, Star Alliance) do not offer additional discounts on their published Around the World fares. However, Around the World business and first class discounts can be achieved by strategically defining your country of origin. Around the World fares vary substantially based on where travel originates. As an example, a One World Four Continent Around the World first class ticket originated in Australia currently sells for US$15,000. The same ticket originated in the U.S can be up to 20% less. Around the World discounts and lower priced tickets can be achieved by selecting an originating country that is lower than the Around the World fare in your home country. Our Australian members are able to take advantage of the lower U.S. pricing level while receiving several value added perks through implementation of our customized strategies. Skyteam also offers attractive solutions for European/North American travelers. 
Current Hot Spots for Around the World business & first class tickets. Summary based on One World Alliance fares for travel commencing October, 2022
Country of Origin Continents Business First
Euro Zone 3 $6,241 $10,946
Hungary 3 $4,723 $8,284
Israel 3 $6,200 $14,243
Japan 3 $4,542 $6,943
South Africa 4 $5,676 $9,627 
South Korea 3 $5,958 $9,306
United States 3 $9,699 $13,299
United Kingdom 3 $5,981 $10,490
Fares converted to USD as of October, 2022
Summary based on Star Alliance fares for travel commencing October, 2022
Country of Origin Miles Business First
Israel 29K $6,978 $14,698
Japan 29K $4,882 $7,896
South Korea 29K $6,031 $9,244
United States 29K $9,699 $13,299
United Kingdom 29K $6,479 $11,299
Australia 29K $8,643



Fares converted to USD as of October, 2022
As you can see, significant savings may be achieved by making an initial 'positioning trip' from your country of residence to a country where Around the World fares are less. In addition to initial cost savings, there are several tangible and intangible benefits realized over the life of the trip. There may be other advertised Around the World business and first class fares, discounts or offers but few, if any, can match the convenience and cost savings achieved by purchasing an Around the World international business / first class ticket offshore. 
All prices are converted to USD and exclude taxes and fees. Additional benefits for U.S. residents of purchasing Around the World tickets & fares offshore is the ability to add several sectors in First Class for domestic travel in addition to the international segments. Around the World ticket pricing is subject to carrier verification.

On Going Support

Providing international premium class travelers cost saving strategies for Around the World business & first class fares procurement is a time consuming and detail oriented process. For this reason, Around the World bookings are reserved for members of Passport Premiere. While Passport Premiere is a fee based, the value provided can be measured through both service and savings should pay for itself after your first trip. As Around the World trips can last for several months, the servicing goes beyond the initial ticket purchase. Frequent Around the World jet setters have likely encountered friction when attempting to make changes with a carrier other than the original validating carrier. We strive to provide our members a single point of contact making the on-going servicing as seamless and simple as possible.

Around the World fares offer frequent travelers outstanding value if your international travel plans call for visiting a minimum of three to a maximum of six continents. For one inclusive price, Around the World flyers can visit up to 20 cities and save as much as 50% compared with purchasing the individual flight segments independently. Members seek value with their global travels, but obtaining Around the World business & first class discounts through offshore origination does not discount the amenities Around the World business and first class travelers have come to expect.

Additional Benefits Include

  • No specific advance purchase requirement from select regions for business & first class around the world tickets
  • Ability to add up to six flight segments in the continent you reside for bonus travel between international flights
  • After initial trip offshore purchase, you will have a pattern to purchase future around the world trips at pricing that is lower than that of your home country (subject to prevailing exchange rate)
  • EU/UK residents can add additional long range trips between Around the World trips (i.e. London-Dubai-London as an added bonus)
  • Around the World Intelligence updates on which countries offer the most competitive around the world business and first class farres, tickets, offers for Around the World business and first class travel
  • Access to offshore around the world ticket fulfillment on six continents
  • Access to special carrier only Around the World offers for business and first class international tickets and travel


How often do Around the World strategies change?

As we enter a new decade, Around the World business & first class fares are likely to increase and the hotspots will change with frequency. As an example, U.K. based members in January, 2010 were encouraged to originate their Around the World First Class tickets from the U.S. as there was a US$2,500 price advantage from the U.S. However, as One World increased its U.S. fare levels in April 2010 the current strategy is to originate in select Asian countries. U.K. based members seeking First Class Around the World tickets are being encouraged to originate their itineraries from the Israel, Jordan or South Africa where fares are 20% less than the U.K. The strategy used today will likely be out of date in a matter of months, which is why access to our guidance is so vital for continued around the world business and first class ticket savings.


Circle Pacific Strategies for Frequent travelers between the U.S. and Australia!

If you travel between Australia, New Zealand and North America and are seeking maximum savings with limited restrictions using major alliances, you may consider Circle Pacific business & first class fares for maximum savings. Benefits provided to our members include:
  • Specialized strategies with up to 50% savings compared with published business and first Class Circle Pacific fares
  • Up to 80% savings compared with point -to -point business/first class fares
  • Access to localized business and first class deals and offers regardless of your continent of residence
  • Using top rated business and first class carriers with major alliances
  • Business and First Class Discounts in pricing, not quality
  • Flat Beds in Business Class/Private Suites in First Class
  • On-going pricing from $5,000 for business class/$7,500 for First Class after initial positioning trip
  • Itinerary can include Australia, New Zealand, Asia with or without multiple stopovers


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Ready to start traveling the world at maximum savings?

Depending on your itinerary, 1stAir is often able to offer more competitive pricing than what is available by each alliance directly through both proprietary pricing and knowledge. Because Around the World fares require extensive research and planning, Around the World fare construction is reserved for members of Passport Premiere and the Chairman's Inner Circle. Our members benefit from long term solutions for lower priced around the world business and first class tickets and fares. Members also qualify for around the world deals and offers that may not be available in their home country but offer significant savings. 
If you are a Passport Premiere or Chairman's Inner Circle member, please sign in below to access our Around the World fare section and for reservations instructions. If you are not a member, you can register on-line at http://passportpremiere.com/join-us/

Other Business & First Class ticket offer

Select carriers may offer directional around the world business and/or first class fares.The directional around the world fare limits the carrier choice to just just a few (i.e. Singapore & Virgin) at up to 50% savings but limits the choices on the routing. An example with Singapore Airlines is still New York-Frankfurt-Singapore-Hong Kong-San Francisco. This business class fare type limits the traveler to Singapore Airlines business class. Singapore Airlines removed their "SQ only" around the world fare type