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Where the Dreams Begin

An Introduction to Sleeper Seats

Picture this: You're sitting in your bed, feet up, watching the news. You flip the channel, trying to decide between news or opera and instead, you pop in the movie you've chosen, stretch out, and eat a few of the roasted cashews someone thoughtfully left out for you. You decide the light is too bright, so you reach over to close the shade. You glance out the window, and all you see are clouds. Then you remember, you're 35,000 feet high in the sky!

The ‘bed in the sky’ is no longer the dream of the weary traveler, but now a reality on most transoceanic and long-haul routes. The new concept we refer to here is called the “Sleeper Seat” or the "Bed Seat". So prepare to snuggle in, stretch out, or simply relax. 

In recognition of the need that comfort on long hauls is critical to you, most carriers have gone to extraordinary lengths to find new ways to let the fortunate few in business and first class on long-haul flights eat, sleep and even work as never before. Most major airlines now offer "sleeper seats" in first class, and some have them in business or in a combination of both.

Who Offers Sleeper Seats?

Our Preferred Carriers Offering Sleeper Seats

Please select from the list below to know more about the features and amenities of premium class travel and sleeper seat offerings from our Preferred Airlines:

Air Canada Delta Air Lines Philippine Airlines 

Air France  Emirates Qantas Airways

Air New Zealand Etihad Qatar Airlines

All Nippon Airways Iberia Airlines of Spain Singapore Airlines

American Airlines Japan Airlines South African Airways

Asiana Airlines Korean Air Swiss International Airlines

British Airways LanChile Airlines United Airlines

Cathay Pacific Lufthansa Virgin Atlantic Airways

Benefits & Amenities

Benefits & Amenities of Sleeper Seats: A Critical Analysis

Please select from the list below to know more about the features and amenities of premium class travel At 1st-Air.Net the safety, health and comfort of our customers is of paramount importance. Our underlying philosophy: to give our premium customers the ultimate experience for in-flight work, rest, and comfort while combining the experience with unparalleled savings. Following extensive customer research and studies with ergonomic experts we find that Sleeper Seats do have several benefits. Click here to find more information of some of these benefits and amenities, which Sleeper Seats offer.

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