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1stAir Membership Programs
  Exclusive travel club for discounted business and first class international airfare and tickets with leading carriers Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and Delta to name a few. Our first level of membership is designed for general consumers who travel overseas once or twice per year. There is no cost to join, and members receive weekly e-mails of special premium class offers from our international travel partners. While general consumers will benefit from an average of 20% in savings, will not have access to all of 1stAir's preferred pricing and Passport Premiere carriers.  

Initial registration can be completed in just a few seconds at http://www.1st-air.net/register

. However, for access to all of 1stAir's carriers and savings on the most desirable routes, membership in Passport Premiere is recommended. 

Passport Premiere provides members with pricing analytics helping travelers determine if current pricing is fairly valued or if lower fares can be expected at a later date. Premiere members also receive assistance with multi continent itineraries including Around the World and Circle Pacific fares. 

Passport Premiere creates value for business class travel to Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and Latin America anytime with One World carriers like Cathay Pacific, Qantas of Australia and LAN. The greatest savings for business class travel between North America and Europe is realized when travel is less than 30 days from the booking date.

  Passport Premiere  
Passport Premiere (www.passportpremiere.com) members benefit from a greater selection of airlines, more direct schedules and greater savings than the member would receive as a regular 1stAir customer. The member(s) get unlimited access to Passport Premiere database of participating carriers.   
Passport Premiere members are issued a unique user ID and password that allow them to access the private fare database and receive fare analytics not available to the general public.
To view an endorsement letter (May 26th, 2009) regarding the benefits of Passport Premiere, Click Here.
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  For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Passport Premiere, please click here: